Keeping up appearances – or not.

Lets be honest, so far this year has been incredibly trying so it’s no surprise that my mental health is suffering. Whether it’s breaking down in tears during the day whilst hiding in the bathroom, (so my daughter doesn’t see/hear) or waking in the night to panic attacks, or even waking after a couple hours […]

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Making light of the dark.

Life sucks. Bad things happen everyday. I’m not going to say the cliche “Bad things always happen to good people,” because that is absolute bullshit. Good and bad things happen to people, that’s the reality of it. We are all here living our own journeys, things happen. I know plenty of good people that have […]

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“Think before you speak.”

I have a problem with anger when I’m stressed. I’ll flip and once my mouth opens…its over. I hear my mum’s voice in my head saying “Kimberley, think before you speak,” but it’s really hard to hear her when the words are projectile vomiting over my target. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. I […]

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I’m a mum doing her best.

I originally gave this post the title, ‘I’m just a mum doing her best.’ It wasn’t until I read it over and over in my head that I realised it made being a mum sound like it’s nothing. I’ve worked in a chip shop, a few supermarkets, a bar and hotel, a couple of restaurants […]

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Tattoos and me.

About 8 years ago, I left a long term relationship. By this point my daughter was just turning 2. I wasn’t me anymore. I lost all my individuality and confidence. I had gained weight and hated myself. I didn’t feel like me anymore. I had two tattoos and no plans for anymore. But as time […]

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The last few weeks have been a struggle. This last week has been more than a struggle. I’m not going to go in to some of the reasons because I’m simply not ready, but one of the main reasons is just because I’m tired. Typing that out and seeing the words in front of me […]

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Mums..? You can dream too!

As I said in my last post. we all have regrets. One of mine is not going to University and progressing even more in Performing Arts. It’s too late for that now and I’ve finally come to accept it. Admittedly when I see performances and artists on stage it still bites…a little. Who am I […]

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Failing and flying.

You’re 8 years old and you’re watching the classic Disney films. The prince always falls in love with the princess and then they ‘live happily ever after.’ Apparently marrying the prince makes all their dreams come true and solidifies their lives, everything will be okay now because they have their prince. You’re 15 years old […]

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