Working on me and my mental health has been a priority of mine the last couple of years. I’ve come far and that’s not me being egotistical, that’s just honesty. I couldn’t even leave my house some days. I mean…I’d force myself out the door for the school run, but I’d then escape back to […]

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The bruises you don’t see.

I’ve never seen myself as a self-harmer. My therapist suggested after a session that my tattoos were my scars. I didn’t really agree but then when I thought about things and the way I feel before,during and after, I had to admit that it was a possibility. But society believes that self-harm is probably having […]

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Personal Vs Professional.

The few people that know me know that 2019 so far, has SUCKED! My daughter is unwell…still, and we are still waiting for the referred appointment to come through. In the meantime we have been taking it day by day. We wake up and she tells me how is she is feeling and whether or […]

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How a panic attacks feels.

Sitting on the sofa and minding my business. Nothing to think about, nothing to worry about, no stresses and no cares. Who am I kidding? Sitting on the sofa and minding my business. A million different thoughts rattling around in my head. An empty home, each room cold and dull. It has been a while […]

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Children and body image.

Today I’m here to talk about filters. Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook are full of them, and whilst I love them like the next person, they are beyond damaging. My qualm is not for us adults, we’re old enough and switched on enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality. My fears purely lie with […]

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Grey clouds and stormy skies

That big grey cloud above my head was ready to burst. And burst it did… Tuesday 26th February. 2:46 AM. I haven’t slept. I’m beyond exhausted. Frustrated as hell from the fact that I’m unable to get adequate rest. All I want is sleep. Tired all day and feeling like I’m not going to make […]

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Ten fingers, ten toes…

When you’re pregnant you don’t really think about the fact that you are going to be raising an actual human being. A whole person is your responsibility. As bizarre as that sounds, you don’t. You don’t think about the ‘long run.’ All you’re wrapped up in is the fact you’re having a baby. A tiny […]

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