I’m a Mother, I can’t just logout!

Again, its been a while but R takes priority over me spilling my guts out into blogs. I’m still exhausted, I still haven’t had time for myself. My brain is still absolutely mangled and to make things even worse, my mental health support team “discharged” me, without my knowledge. So I now have to go through assessments all over again, just to talk to psych. I think I’m just not going to even bother wasting my time. I have enough to deal with as it is. I know my head isn’t straight at the moment but I’m plodding along just fine…at least, I think so.

I’ve always done the “pretending I am okay stunt” when I leave the house. I don’t cry in front of people easily. I am obviously, emotionally unstable, but I can hold that shit in like a true warrior until I walk through my front door. People ask me how I am staying so strong, but the truth is, there is no alternative. If your child is poorly, you woman up and deal with it. I’m a Mother. There is no option to just log out whenever I see, hear or read something I don’t like. Besides, if she can stand (when she’s able) by my side everyday and take all of this in her stride, being the brave and resilient bad ass she is, the least I can do is be the best Mother I can.

If there is any parents out there that can lend me some advice on how to deal with this, feel free to email me or comment. Either, or, I just need to know there are others out there, hahaha welp!

Kimmi’s Qualms Xx

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